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Junbugs and strawberries

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I went for a swim yesterday, i was just so bored and I had all this energy, so I decided to do something with it. Did like 15 laps before I couldn’t possibly do anymore (I know thats pathetic, I haven’t swam in a REALLY long time) and I showered and went home like any other day.

About an hour after reaching home I started getting itchy, started with my neck and ears, then my arms, then my legs, my face became swollen and these red bumps started appearing everywhere. DAMN SCARY OK.

Rushed down to the doctor, he gave me a jab that made me feel like crap (dry mouth, very giddy) and I slept like a baby for 14 hours, woke up and IT WAS ALL GONE (: Thank god for modern medicine. No scars even, brilliant. Had a lot of free time yesterday and today, so I watched movies that everyone seems to be talking about:1) Across the universe

Generally, I liked it. It didn’t fulfill all my expectations of an awesome musical (so far nothing has beat the Moulin’ Rouge) but I though it was pleasant. One of those romantic flicks with relatively good looking characters (the guy has a hot accent), fantastic music – courtesy of The Beatles, random dancing people and bleeding strawberries. Good time filler, worth $6.50 and will be good for talking about when speaking with pretentious pricks who think they are too indie to bathe.

2) Juno 

Juno is kind of like the Little Miss Sunshine, fast forward 10 years. Cute, eccentric, quirky and all that jazz. Its a sweet little flick that reminds you of first love and some other teenage nonsense. It deserves all its good reviews, but it is receiving a little tooooo much hype.

Anyways, when did quirky get so mainstream? Now that we have indie on radio (and tv -_-), everyone wearing skinny jeans and movies like Juno with characters that remind me of my friends (B grade horror and old school rock anyone?) nothing is underground and sacred anymore. Indie is becoming slutty, opening its legs to all the wrong people. Its getting a little boring, really. 


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January 29, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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Now we have something in common

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Drinking sessions = therapy.

Yesterday one of my friends got dumped, so naturally, we started talking about relationships and love, and this is what I came home with. We all start of idealistic, lost in the idea of romance, pure of heart and innocent. We love, blindly, foolishly, believing that we’d do anything, because given the chance we actually would have.

Then it ends, that first romance, your first love, its gone. And either in the relationship or once its over, we become completely screwed up. We lose our faith, we become numb, cynical and cold. We save our love for alcohol, ciggies, or whatever other vice you find enough escapism in and for our friends who hold our hands and indulge in the vices with us.

Then the power is really in our hands, you get this urge to completely screw up someone else. To break their heart, to fuck their brains out, to hurt them the way you were hurt, its like some sick justification to ourselves that we are more then the other person made us out to be. Its often the person who got dumped that goes through this shit, because there is the realization that we don’t have to be nice/civil/ sweet or whatever other thing you want to call it. We can be absolute bitches and assholes because someone was like that to us. Its a very vicious cycle.

But is that really how it all ends? Do we all just spread the pain in the hope that it will make us feel better? What will it take to find someone else with a soul as tortured and twisted as your own who will love you because he understands and he realizes that he has had enough fun for one lifetime? I’m really getting tired of this game. And I’m only 20.

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January 27, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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Heath baby, RIP

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By now, everyone knows that Heath Ledger (one of the prettiest Aussie actors EVER, just after Hugh Jackman) is no longer with us. I can’t help but find the death of actors so significant, probably because of the work that they have left behind.This will really boost ticket sales for the upcoming Batman movie, in which Heath stars as the Joker. I heard he did an awesome job, the trailer is amazing and I really want to catch the film. But that is really besides the point. Why blog about something that everyone already knows about? Because I read this:

Just how angry does that make you? Its so annoying that they just can’t leave people to rest in peace, what’s the point in the anger, the prejudice, and all the hate? Are u really spreading the word of God this way?I have nothing against ANY religion, but I think that using God’s name is just the easy way out, and these cowards are just hiding behind it. Its pathetic really, and people like this just give religion a bad reputation. At the end of the day, all religions teach the same thing – love, peace, joy… just in different ways, and WBC is just pushing it, really. I hope they get precisely what they deserve, really soon.BTW, the Tarot tab has been updated!! If any of you have been sweet enough to link my old tarot blog to your blog, its time to change the addy!! Thanks (:

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January 25, 2008 at 1:51 am

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I’m happy that I don’t have friends who wear mini skirts that look like belts and try to persuade you to get a job that requires you to wear PVC (tube, shorts AND boots) and walk around, because the MEN there have a PVC fetish.

“Do I look as though I’d be willing to get paid 40 bucks an hour to walk around in PVC?? Who the fuck wears PVC? A tube top, shorts and boots in PV-fucking-C?” That was my very bitchy reply to her that actually shut her up for awhile (awhile meaning like 2 seconds) but the 2 seconds of silence was appreciated.

I almost went deaf in the right ear listening to her. Its impossible not to, the banshee screams.

I also detest the fact that she thinks her english is better then everyone else’s because her email address consists of words that we have never heard that mean “sweet laughter”, honestly do I look as though I care? She also asked me if I was lesbian and when I said no she GRABBED MY CHIN and scratched my lip in the process with her LONG LONG fingernail, I guess she’s never heard of personal-fucking-space.

I heard she’s younger then me, but at the rate she’s going, I think she’s going to have skin like the underside of an old pig’s belly by the time she’s 25.

Some people just have to realize that everything is NOT CRAP. Home club is NOT CRAP, gay clubbing with my best friend DOES NOT MAKE ME LEZZIE and it is NOT CRAP, St. James on Sunday nights is NOT CRAP, if I were to get a dollar for every time she called something crap, I’d be rich today.

I have not met someone so obnoxious, loud, crass and rude in a really long time.I really don’t care how she thinks that most of the choices in my life are CRAP because I think that her life isn’t exactly great either, I just don’t go around screaming it.

And you have NO IDEA how happy I am to have friends who talk about neck shit, diarrhea, rubbing faces in scrotums and cunnilingus  as compared to PV-fucking-C.

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January 20, 2008 at 1:48 pm

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Gimme my electro

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My new year’s resolution was to save money, well I think I’m just going to scrap it. I have so many things that I want need to buy! Its ridiculous to even have the notion of saving more. I’m trying my best to at least buy the things that I really really need first – like contact lenses for the rest of the year and school books, before I splurge on bags, clothes and shoes. I’m really trying ok. Anyways… shopping list (:

 1. Loud colourful plastic bangles (: I really like the black and white one with the hearts. 

2. A gorgeous grey bag, my obsession with the colour grey is still an obsession and I really want to find that perfect grey bag, I’ve been holding out for it for some time.

3. Orange shoes. I think I’m just going to get the Trendyzone ones – $23.90. 

 4. A waisted brown leather belt, over tops, over dresses, and on my denim skirt. Can’t wait.

5. A BRIGHT colour dress, fuschia is nice, but I’m looking for like turquoise or green.

Now that I have a list… I have to go shopping (:  

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January 16, 2008 at 5:18 pm

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Rockers to swallow

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More kittehs coming your way. (:


And this one just has to be the cutest thing EVER.


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January 5, 2008 at 2:11 pm

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This pic was taken at Sam's farewell (:
we got bored. 

I’ve moved here (: WordPress looks better then Blogger. Its works better too. Lets start of with my New Year Resolution:

  1. Save money! I think 2007 had too many months where I overspent, so I’m planning to save more this year. Responsible adulthood, here I come.

That’s it really. Oh and in case you were wondering, GWVXBLJ = Guy with very xtra big lan jiao. Yea, we were really bored.

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January 2, 2008 at 3:47 pm

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