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My new year’s resolution was to save money, well I think I’m just going to scrap it. I have so many things that I want need to buy! Its ridiculous to even have the notion of saving more. I’m trying my best to at least buy the things that I really really need first – like contact lenses for the rest of the year and school books, before I splurge on bags, clothes and shoes. I’m really trying ok. Anyways… shopping list (:

 1. Loud colourful plastic bangles (: I really like the black and white one with the hearts. 

2. A gorgeous grey bag, my obsession with the colour grey is still an obsession and I really want to find that perfect grey bag, I’ve been holding out for it for some time.

3. Orange shoes. I think I’m just going to get the Trendyzone ones – $23.90. 

 4. A waisted brown leather belt, over tops, over dresses, and on my denim skirt. Can’t wait.

5. A BRIGHT colour dress, fuschia is nice, but I’m looking for like turquoise or green.

Now that I have a list… I have to go shopping (:  


Written by priya.balraju

January 16, 2008 at 5:18 pm

Posted in Fashion

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