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Junbugs and strawberries

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I went for a swim yesterday, i was just so bored and I had all this energy, so I decided to do something with it. Did like 15 laps before I couldn’t possibly do anymore (I know thats pathetic, I haven’t swam in a REALLY long time) and I showered and went home like any other day.

About an hour after reaching home I started getting itchy, started with my neck and ears, then my arms, then my legs, my face became swollen and these red bumps started appearing everywhere. DAMN SCARY OK.

Rushed down to the doctor, he gave me a jab that made me feel like crap (dry mouth, very giddy) and I slept like a baby for 14 hours, woke up and IT WAS ALL GONE (: Thank god for modern medicine. No scars even, brilliant. Had a lot of free time yesterday and today, so I watched movies that everyone seems to be talking about:1) Across the universe

Generally, I liked it. It didn’t fulfill all my expectations of an awesome musical (so far nothing has beat the Moulin’ Rouge) but I though it was pleasant. One of those romantic flicks with relatively good looking characters (the guy has a hot accent), fantastic music – courtesy of The Beatles, random dancing people and bleeding strawberries. Good time filler, worth $6.50 and will be good for talking about when speaking with pretentious pricks who think they are too indie to bathe.

2) Juno 

Juno is kind of like the Little Miss Sunshine, fast forward 10 years. Cute, eccentric, quirky and all that jazz. Its a sweet little flick that reminds you of first love and some other teenage nonsense. It deserves all its good reviews, but it is receiving a little tooooo much hype.

Anyways, when did quirky get so mainstream? Now that we have indie on radio (and tv -_-), everyone wearing skinny jeans and movies like Juno with characters that remind me of my friends (B grade horror and old school rock anyone?) nothing is underground and sacred anymore. Indie is becoming slutty, opening its legs to all the wrong people. Its getting a little boring, really. 


Written by priya.balraju

January 29, 2008 at 9:36 pm

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