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Whatever you do – do it in style because the world needs it.

I ❤ Dita.

My life is super so sad with all the studying, numbers and more studying. I study mostly ALONE in the school library. I need some sort of social intercourse dammit…. weekend, waiting for the weekend. 

A few things have made me happy though!

  • Money money money, we are finally eligible for the GST offset package and growth dividends. (: If you are below 21 then ITSUX2BEYOU.
  • Today I saw a lady (ok, she was an aunty) in a tee shirt that read “Thank your’s lucky sta”. I usually find tee shirts like these lying around some stall in Bugis Village, but today I actually SAW someone wearing this one. Fabulous. 
  • This ugly little kitten!! So ugly that its adorable. 

It even sleeps with a little “Oh dear!” paw thing going on. AHHHHHH! Kill me pls.


Written by priya.balraju

April 16, 2008 at 2:17 am

Posted in Fashion, Rant

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