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We’ll be lovers, lovers at last

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Busy busy days and nights. 


A few days after my birthday, I went to Mambo for Jaq’s White Mambo Party (: there was a lot of alcohol and comic relief from the Mambo kids. 


One week after my actual birthday, my lovelies of Charbs&Co took me to dinner at the Turquoise Room. It was lovely. The food was really good, I especially liked the Pesto Chicken Pasta and the Prosciutto Pizza with Rucola salad. I also got my lovely Paul Smith Rose perfume!! From now on I’m going to smell like a bed of roses.


We went to watch The Incredible Hulk AND IT WAS OMFGSOBLOODYGOOD!! Ed Norton is God. I want to make babies with him.

As usual, during the movie we laughed at the most inappropriate times and made ridiculous comments. But seriously WATCH IT! It good. Hulk mad.

Somehow, while having a ciggie we got inspired to do a face resembling the Scream mask, just 209283956039 times uglier. Seriously, there has to be some sort of chemistry between us that is special because most people don’t know how to be this ugly.

This is one of our newer ugly faces, it belongs in the ranks of melty face, half melty face and mum mum face. Lol. Someday we’ll put together a collage of our best faces, that day will be Jules’ wedding. No worries about that one.

We also went for the 2.3 Beat! Anniversary last Friday, I was in a REALLY good mood and wanted to stay and dance all night, but nobody wanted to stay with me *poutz*. So I came home at slept at like 2.30am. But that’s alright. I’m feeling too old for clubbing these days anyway. 

Other then all of these very eventful outings, I got a new TV!!

Introducing the sex that is the LG Scarlet (:

It’s beautiful. Now I can watch DVD’s of hotties like Ed & Hugh CLEARLY. See every sinewy muscle and enlarged pore on my sexy sexy Scarlet. It’s even got a sexy name (because of its sexy backside).

We also managed to get a free Hubstation and it’s da bomb, recording stuff like that is damn glam. Now when I see something hot on tv, I can record it and replay it over and over and over again. I’m getting many devious ideas about this one. Yummy.

Things at home have been very very dusty and chaotic, new tv (s), bookshelves, bed, study table, drawers and cupboards. Its been 11 years since we’ve shifted into this place, so its a good time for some changes. I can’t wait till everything’s done, the place will look much less cluttered and much prettier (:  

Last but not least DEATH CAB IS COMING TO OUR SHORES!! Guess who’s going?? Me!! Yes! Me!! Mavis and Ade too!! Yay!!

I can’t wait to hear Ben sing to me. (: AHHHHHH!

We’re not the same dear, as we used to be
The seasons have changed and so have we
There was little we could say and even less that we could do
To stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you


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June 23, 2008 at 5:33 pm

Diamonds are forever

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I turned 21 over the weekend! And I had a blast (: **Image heavy**

First I had a birthday lunch with Sam at White Dog Cafe, the food was rather good and the view was really nice. Lots of sunshine, thank goodness for air-conditioning. I like the light but not the heat.

Then we went out at night and had many many drinks, these are the sober pics. And then I had a waterfall (thanks Shawn) and had many many other drinks and I got (a little) high (: You can see it in my eyes. Lol.

Gin tonic, Vodka cranberry, Waterfall and Lychee margaritas (: Weeeeee. That was an awesome night. 

On Sat we had a family dinner to celebrate my 21st and my grandpa’s 78th birthday. We had dinner at ThaiAccent, a nice thai restaurant at Vivo, the food was EXCELLENT. Some of the best thai food I’ve had in Singapore. Now I just want to go back to try their Mango Sticky Rice, I really was way too full the other night for any dessert other then my birthday cake.

My grandpa is adorable, just the other day my grandma asked him to go down to buy Mee Rebus and Mee Siam for lunch. And before leaving the house he asked “So you want 2 Mee Rebus and 1 Siamese Mee right??” Hahahahahha, so cute.

The first pic is of me and my dearest grandma, next to that is my cousin and my grandpa, at the bottom left is me and my mom and next to that is a picture demonstrating the sheer amount of food that we had (: That more or less rounds up what I did for my birthday.

It was very low key but I had a great time. It’s really not about what you do on your bday (unlike the way it was when you were 5), its who you spend it with. I have a bday dinner with charbs&co this fri, looking forward to that as well. (: Thanks for all the birthday love and wishes.

On Sunday we had drinks then headed down to St. James for some dancin’ and merrymakin’.

‘Twas a fun night. (:

Since Juju came back on Sat, we had a little get together dinner yesterday.

A close up of Mavis’s hotness.

And unlike Juju who I think has a little notebook where she takes down all our quotes so she can go home and blog about all our conversations, I’ll just leave you with my favorite little convo of the night,

Me: You know I was reading this article about homophobia and this fucker was quoted saying ” If I were to find out that my daughter is lesbian I’d hire a guy to rape her” such an asshole right.

Everyone: Tsk tsk what a fucker.

Mavis: If my father did that I’d hire someone to rape him! 

Bravo, Mavis. Bravo.

Phew, that was a long post.

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June 10, 2008 at 3:28 pm

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It’s my party

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First things first, bday dinner next Friday people, be there or be square. I’ll be making the reservation under my name, so if you do get there first you know what to do. 

As for my wishlist, I really really want the perfume (: if there’s extra budget (or if you guys are feeling generous) I want something pretty to remember this bday by, like a bracelet or smthg. Or if you guys are too lazy to go jewelry hunting, I’m also looking for a long strap brown vintage-y bag. 

Don’t be stingy, spread the news about the dinner and I’ll see you lovelies next monday for Juju’s welcome back dinner. Love ya. xoxo. (The next time I blog I will be an adult.)

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June 5, 2008 at 2:55 am

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh results!! 

Subject Code Title Marks Grades

When I first saw it I wasn’t that happy because I wanted one more DI. But then it dawned upon me that I really HATED this sem’s modules because seriously these are fucking hardcore b’ness modules and those of you who know me well enough would know that I’m numerophobic. Once I realized that I did a little happy dance at work and decided that I’m ecstatic. (:

//05.06.08 @ 2:43AM I’m back to being a little unhappy because I missed DI’s for everything by so damn little. Esp accts. Nnnnnnnngh.

I just found out that I start school on July 7th. WTH, that’s in a month ): my holidays are SO SHORT this sem. Argh.

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June 4, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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I want to go S/S 08 shopping. Gimme money now!

Of all the magazine features on S/S 08 trends this one is my FAVORITE. The colors are just ah-may-zin’.

Btw, Sex and the City was freaking fabulous. I wanted alotalot of things that they wore, especially that wedding gown, omg that breathtaking gown. Everyone and their gay best friend should go watch it. This one’s not for the boys. (:

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June 2, 2008 at 2:40 am

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