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I turned 21 over the weekend! And I had a blast (: **Image heavy**

First I had a birthday lunch with Sam at White Dog Cafe, the food was rather good and the view was really nice. Lots of sunshine, thank goodness for air-conditioning. I like the light but not the heat.

Then we went out at night and had many many drinks, these are the sober pics. And then I had a waterfall (thanks Shawn) and had many many other drinks and I got (a little) high (: You can see it in my eyes. Lol.

Gin tonic, Vodka cranberry, Waterfall and Lychee margaritas (: Weeeeee. That was an awesome night. 

On Sat we had a family dinner to celebrate my 21st and my grandpa’s 78th birthday. We had dinner at ThaiAccent, a nice thai restaurant at Vivo, the food was EXCELLENT. Some of the best thai food I’ve had in Singapore. Now I just want to go back to try their Mango Sticky Rice, I really was way too full the other night for any dessert other then my birthday cake.

My grandpa is adorable, just the other day my grandma asked him to go down to buy Mee Rebus and Mee Siam for lunch. And before leaving the house he asked “So you want 2 Mee Rebus and 1 Siamese Mee right??” Hahahahahha, so cute.

The first pic is of me and my dearest grandma, next to that is my cousin and my grandpa, at the bottom left is me and my mom and next to that is a picture demonstrating the sheer amount of food that we had (: That more or less rounds up what I did for my birthday.

It was very low key but I had a great time. It’s really not about what you do on your bday (unlike the way it was when you were 5), its who you spend it with. I have a bday dinner with charbs&co this fri, looking forward to that as well. (: Thanks for all the birthday love and wishes.

On Sunday we had drinks then headed down to St. James for some dancin’ and merrymakin’.

‘Twas a fun night. (:

Since Juju came back on Sat, we had a little get together dinner yesterday.

A close up of Mavis’s hotness.

And unlike Juju who I think has a little notebook where she takes down all our quotes so she can go home and blog about all our conversations, I’ll just leave you with my favorite little convo of the night,

Me: You know I was reading this article about homophobia and this fucker was quoted saying ” If I were to find out that my daughter is lesbian I’d hire a guy to rape her” such an asshole right.

Everyone: Tsk tsk what a fucker.

Mavis: If my father did that I’d hire someone to rape him! 

Bravo, Mavis. Bravo.

Phew, that was a long post.


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June 10, 2008 at 3:28 pm

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  1. thanks man. this proves i can have both hotness and wit.


    June 10, 2008 at 3:37 pm

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