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We went to KL, had loads of fun (I flashed the whole of KL, we even have photographic evidence now), came back sunburnt and with rock hard asses and thighs. A very fulfilling trip (: I love my bitches. 

We even managed to look pretty doing it.

One of the highlights of the trip had to be clubbing. It was my first time clubbing in KL and it was so much fun! We had drinks at this place called BarClub. What’s interesting about this place is that it has a little room in the back called the Sensation room which we were not allowed to go into (because we are not men). SO SHADY RIGHT!! I love. The music was BORING R&B though, so after finishing our bottle of Vodka, we went over to The Loft. 

Glam place, GREAT MUSIC and so we stayed and danced the night away (: Good times.

Since I got back on Sunday, I’ve quit my job at the bar that I’ve worked at for the past 1 1/4 years (my longest job so far), met up with mah bitches some more, and caught up with my Uni friends (:

Both the guys upped and left Singapore for most of the holidays, so meeting up for dinner and martinis was GREAT fun. We found this nice little place, No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar that has a 2 for $15 martini promo. So cheap and SOOOOOOO good. Apple martinis are my fav. 

They also have a free flow of peanuts!

And once you are done eating the nuts, you just throw the empty shells on the floor. What a cute little quirk in super clean Singapore. The more we talk, the more I wonder how we can talk about sex soooo much and not run out of things to talk about. Is there nothing else happening in our lives that’s worth talking about?!?!

Oh and I also really like my new glasses. Teacher or naughty secretary? Well, depends on the occasion really. Lol. The weekend is here! It’s planned to be busy busy busy and fun fun fun. (:


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July 10, 2008 at 9:50 pm

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