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This weekend has to be the most tiring one I’ve had all year (so far). Friday night we had a little farewell thing for Ju. The initial plan was to go to Zouk, but that all changed over dinner and we ended up at Tanjong Pagar, spending the night at Play. It was super fun! My first time at a gay club with so many girls. 

I’m going to miss this slut, 1/2 of the chees of C&C is away. One in Perth and another one on an island called NTU. I’m going to miss that slut too. Its just PA now. Lol. 

Then on Sat, I had dinner with a whole bunch of people for Sam’s bday. This chigua is turning 21 in two days (although he seems to be in denial about it). After dinner, it was clubbing again. 

Samuel ‘Hotface’ Tan. Anyway, it was all fun fun fun on Saturday night, with this one being very happy about his new Ipod. He was also so high that he bought me a jug and completely forget about it the next day (:

After very little sleep, I worked the Sunday lunch shift and then met him for a late lunch (cum breakfast, cum dinner). So I came home exhausted after coffee, took a flu pill and hibernated, for 12 hours. Shiokness. 

I’m having a little bit of a flu and I think I’m going to spend the whole day just sleeping. School is finally kicking into gear and things are just going to get busier. No fun for a sick girl. 

Let me leave you with my new favorite photo shoot, its so old school glam rocker. 

When I grow up (Remix) – Pussycat Dolls


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August 4, 2008 at 3:41 pm

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