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My brain is in a mess.

Midweek musings

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Girl with cat-lined eyes seeks boy with whom to hold hands, share pastries, & get frisky in public places. I like to eat strawberries & commandeer the blankets, often at the same time. If your idea of a good time includes a pack of tarot cards & a pair of handcuffs, get in touch. (Boys with telekinetic powers preferred.)

I saw this little description thing on Galadarling’s blog (she was describing nail polish btw) and I thought, Wow! That’s totally me. I just changed day-glo to cat-lined, because that’s what I wear most often and voila! 

I’m totally writing this random post because I’m bored. 

  • I got bangs! I haven’t had them since I was like 17, I first went into mass comm with bangs. Love (: I strongly recommend my hairdresser, she’s worth every cent. Although this is only my second haircut with her I haven’t felt this satisfied in a long time, mmmm good stuff.
  • I bought cherry flavored lip balm. Ok, here’s little secret. I actually bought it for a totally strange reason, I really like this song called “I kissed a girl” by Kate Perry and there’s this line that goes ‘I kissed a girl, I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick’ so yea, I decided to buy a cherry chapstick. No, I’m not turning lezzie, I just really like the song and cherry chapstick has a nice ring to it.
  • BUY WATSON’S SHEET MASKS! It’s only $1.95 per mask/ $8.95 for 5 masks. It’s honestly the best cheap thing to put on your face. Just peel, place and sleep for 1/2 an hour. A personal favorite is Aloe Vera. Its like rocks! 
  • And the weekend is almost here! Just 2 more classes and 1 shift of work to get through. 
Sometimes I just get in these really good moods and I have absolutely no idea why. Bye love.

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August 7, 2008 at 12:32 am

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