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I love Sundays, and its general lazy feel. Its the day to recover from hangovers and late night sat sexcapades. Its also the day to meet your best friends and discuss causes of said hangovers and adventures from the sexcapades. On this particular Sunday, I’m feeling so freaking sedated, so let me share some things that I am currently in love (or lust, sometimes I just can’t tell) with. 

1. School. I know that I’ve been whining incessantly about my projects which weigh so much it feels like an extra person is sitting on my shoulders (eeew, like shutter), but all this recent PR that my group has been putting effort into is actually paying off.

For two whole semesters I was an antisocial person with a permanent “Don’t talk to me, bitch” face and I really only had 4 friends. BUT this semester, things are different! My group and I have decided to make more friends, and now I know the names of about 15 people. Its still a very small number considering the fact that we have 160 people in my class/course, because we have no tutorial groups, but its a start!

I’m actually beginning to feel like I’m in school, full-time, not some part-time course I’m doing with the hope that it will make my life better. The thing about uni, like my lecturer said, its very easy to not be a part of it. You can just walk into class, late, sit for as long as you want, leave whenever you like, nobody really cares about you or your attendance anymore, so its really about the people you meet. And I like the people I’ve met, maybe things really will get better in the next two semesters.

2. Catchy catchy trash. Like this.

Its I kissed a girl, btw. While searching Youtube for this vid, I also chanced upon this.

Its a remix called I kissed a boy, and the vid is full of pics of men kissing. I know some straight girls who find that hot, so this one is for you my little sluts (:

3. Old Hollywood Glamour, clad in panties and a shiny bra. Burlesque dancers, pole dancers, the professional really glam ones, seriously, so damn hot. I’ve always been a huge Dita Von Teese fan, also I’ve been reading alot of blogs with videos and pictures on this style, very nice to look at, really.

4. This picture, from 1994. Seriously, this is like the hottest. picture. ever. I don’t even like her that much. Johnny is schmexy.

5. Apple pie flavoured ice cream. I think I need to go back to Island Creamery and buy a tub, I cannot stop thinking about how it felt like heaven in my mouth. This is officially my favourite ice cream flavour, it used to be B&J’s Chunky Monkey, but Apple Pie triumphs all. 

6. GG and OTH were sooooo good, OTH is still interesting after 5 complete seasons (amazingly) and well GG just has my favourite on screen couple, so yea, all is good (: I still like Chuck and Blair. They are hot together and apart. Probably because Blair is always so well groomed and Chuck… well he’s Brit in real life and we all know how hot that is. 


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September 8, 2008 at 12:51 am

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  1. omg the kate moss/depp picture is fucking hot la. i want him in between my legs too. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. and the kissing boys montage not hot lor. damn lame.


    September 8, 2008 at 3:18 pm

  2. oo and the kissed a girl song is quite nice!


    September 8, 2008 at 3:19 pm

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