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Must be fun thinking that everyday is Halloween. I spent mine with Ade and WM, having dinner at Ajisen and then drinks at Klee

At Watsons, Weiming (W) got me to smell a bottle of shampoo, and when I was smelling it, he pushed out a little and put it on my nose. Haha, very funny. Later over coffee, my nose began to get really really itchy, so I took some water to put on it,

W: Don’t do that, it might lather. Srsly, that’s a classic. 

At Klee,

Ade(A): Priya, you need some new cock.
Priya(P): Yea I know. 
W: But you get cock every week.
P: -_- NO I don’t, they’re not in me.
W: Well, but they are around you…
P: Think what? Osmosis ah? Heeeeheee 

Oh and btw, Ade somehow believes that being naked is very high class, thus she wants to become a porn star, and drink at bars where the male waiters leave their kkb’s dangling around. Well, a girl can dream.

Yesterday night was sooooo much fun, everytime the manager/ waiter guys came around, we would start laughing like crazy bitches because we were talking about such obscene topics, like putting two cocks in one ass. Weekends are the best things – cause I get to see everyone I love. (:


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November 1, 2008 at 1:07 pm

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