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I’m finally having holidays and all I can think about is how I should have worked for another month. Look at me, I’m not even in the corporate world and I’m already choosing to WORK over staying at home and not doing anything. I’m so going to be sucked into making moneyzzz next year. I’m determined to take some time off and relax a little now. 

So here’s what I’ve been up to:

Music – Downloaded some pretty good new stuff (: as well as some old stuff that I lost when my baby crashed 


Its amazing how happy music makes me. 

Movies – re-watched some old favs (: and caught two new ones (on tv of course)


Seriously, the kind of trash they are throwing out these days, Save the last dance 2 was SO BLOODY BAD. I really wanted to change the channel 29389283 times but the lead actress is very pretty, so I continued watching – there wasn’t anything else to watch on tv anyways. She acted in Coyote Ugly, as one of the hot hot coyotes – I love that movie btw.

Mr. Magorium’s wonder emporium is a little less demented version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I prefer Charlie though, its like 10000 times better. I need to watch some good movies. 

Other things (:

I got myself a Holga! After wanting a film camera for a really really long time, I wrote it down in my diary like 3 years ago, I finally put my money on one, it should be arriving soon! 

Actually I have nothing else to blog about, my life is boring. I’m going to have dinner and rot in front of the tv for the next two hours. So glad the weekend is almost here, not that I have many plans, just means that I have the opportunity to make some! Btw, my holiday is going to last till the 3rd of Feb. What am I supposed to do with myself?


Written by priya.balraju

January 21, 2009 at 7:10 pm

Posted in Movies, Music, Random

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