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Sometimes I think that no one can love you like the first person who ever loved you,

because that love was pure. It was so new, so different from what you are used to.

It pushed your boundaries but you accepted it because it felt so good. 

It was amazing and even though you might not have realized it when it was happening, it changed your life. 

And though things end  and everyone moves on, some things trigger old feelings. 

And you remember, remember a little portion of what it felt like, when you ruled the world and no one else mattered.

No one else except the two of you, in that bed, that cave, that nirvana, that blissful place where you were an angel.

It didn’t matter where that place was. It had the two of you in it, that’s all.

Its groundbreaking, love like that. It shifts you, changes the position of your heart. 

Before that love your heart was in a corner, gift wrapped and waiting. 

After, it was exposed, given to someone as a present. To use or abuse, as they please. 

Sometimes, these people know what they’ve got in their palms, something so precious and so beautiful, so they work for it.

Other times, they don’t, they just think of it as a toy. Or maybe they’re just afraid of it.

Because as strong as a heart is, its also fragile and very difficult to piece back once broken. 

Knowing that you hold someone’s heart is an amazing feeling, one that you can only hope to feel. 

Sometimes, I think that I can never love anyone the way I loved the first person I fell in love with,

because my love is no longer pure. I think its great to be in love, and we all get our great loves, one maybe two, 

and everything else in between is just fun. Guiltless, maybe a little heartfelt, but mostly just fun. 

And that’s alright, because at the end of the day, you sleep with a little smile on your face, 

and maybe, just maybe when you wake up in the morning you’ll fall in love again. 


Written by priya.balraju

February 10, 2009 at 1:17 am

Posted in Love

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