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This is how my Sat night went. We all got together and headed down to Kenny Rogers at Great World for dinner. After wayyyyy too much Mac&cheese, we headed down to Zouk. Everyone was all dressed up and all because we were celebrating Ah Chong’s Bday!


Ade blew out her (imaginary) alcohol candles, we all drank till we were merry, took hipster pictures, smiled alot and got very very bored because the MUSIC WAS BAD. So we headed down to Play! It was much much much better there. Then we danced till the club closed and had nasi lemak for supper (: It was a really good night.

Everyone was in a very good mood, THUS THERE WAS ALOT OF LOVE! And we were not shy to show it.


Let’s see, Ade and Ju obvs need to get a room, since the two of them got married last week and all, ITS TIME TO APPLY FOR A FLAT GIRLS. Jon was being a little tarty! And Andrew got a little hungry I guess. See how we are slowly progressing towards having NO MORE BOUNDARIES! Lol, we are all such hot sluts.

I LOVE YOU GUYS! And Ade, I hope you had a great time you old woman. I can’t wait to go BKK with my ho’s!


Written by priya.balraju

February 23, 2009 at 2:06 am

Posted in Celebrations, Friends

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