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Grandma: Oh you know I was watching this talkshow, and the experts were saying that sex is very important.

Priya: Issit? ok.

G: Yea, even in old age it seems. They were saying that alot of Indians over the age of 40 just stop having sex. But no, you should still be doing it! Supposedly, it keeps you young, and the nutritionist on the show was smiling this very cheeky smile when she said that its important.

P: ok. good lah.

G: And the Man was saying that you shouldn’t deny your urges.

P: hahaha. ok.

G: Yea too bad your grandpa is so old already.

P: Mah, you are old too.

G: I’m not that old, I’m quite young for a grandma ok. And fit too. So I have urges, and your grandpa can’t even stand anymore.


G:What?? It’s important that you know these things, one day when you get married, you’ll be faced with all these sexual issues as well. Make sure your husband can still stand when he’s old.

P:  Ok mah, I’ll keep you updated.

Said talkshow is hosted by a tranny, who is pushing boundaries in India.

Said nutritionist is a fat old lady who is easily in her 50s.

Said Man, is about 55, balding, and with a BIG paunch.

Can I please emphasize the fact that this conversation has scarred me for life. OH and she NEVER talks this way in front of strangers. Hahahaha, in front of them she’s just this nice little old lady, but in private… OMG, Trauma.


Written by priya.balraju

April 4, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Posted in Family

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