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Remember the beautiful photo of the Macaw I once posted? Well, I found the photographer’s Etsy page and all her stuff is SO AMAZING and omgsofuckingcute. Meet Sharon Montrose. I want EVERYTHING from her gallery.


After looking through all the posts that had stacked themselves up in my RSS reader during my long weekend away, I found these images which I just adore (: They’re from all over the place so you can ask me for any of the links if you’re interested. I just have to mention that the Bulldog is modeling a bow-tie for Opening Ceremony, how cute is that?

Now for more prettiness, my friends and I headed down to BKK for a long weekend of FUN, EXCITEMENT AND SHOPPING. IT WAS AWSOME.



Although I didn’t do as much shopping as my girlfriends (Seriously, look at their lists), I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that I bought (: I could not buy any shoes because my feet are huge and Thais are tiny. Its a good deterrent though because I would have ended up with wayyyy too many pairs. Yes, I am trying to comfort myself. All photos are from Jules.

BTW, my girlfriends and I are organizing this little we’d like to call a Superswap. Do come and enjoy our faboulousness.



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May 28, 2009 at 2:38 pm

We write stories

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Note: Everything that was supposed to be in the blanks is pretty obvious. I just don’t want to get sued.


1. One day Priya went to the market to buy a fat _(race)_ pussy to suck on so that she can get some ketchup. It was an unusual craving for a young cock, looking for some love. In these very hard times of when she longed for someone to fuck her black labia that somehow sticks out of her sexy rambutans. What nice and hairy lumps of shit that comvered the toilet bowl. And bottles of baby fetuses adorned the shelves of her secret dominatrix dungeon that contains some cupcakes. the aroma was so intoxicating that she fell down into a well. Turning into a frog with delicate pink stripes that ran across its clit that hung down like a string of phlegm and kittens. What playful and lovely animals that were living in the pits of hell. Fucking hard in the anus while gently bundling her hair into a smooth braid that’s like the strings of saliva _(name)_ would wear on his head like a proud _(race)_ of the exotic Princess from the east of Singapore. Neat little piles of potpurri engulfed her nude body with streaks of menstruation blood smeared all over the floor.

2. You spin my head right round, right round till the sun was visible on the horizon. But that was such a strange sight Weiming licking my cunt like Ian Thorpe diving through the olympic pool of wine and sweet cum. Little did he know the chicken did not cross the road to get to the hardcore sex shop that only sells butt plugs and freshly ground coffee beans hand-picked from fields of beautiful lilies. Touching his toes was a talented baker who had made his speciality of licking clits like a man who eats oysters all the time. The Texas rattlesnake is a native of a little place in Africa where circumcision is a fun activity, commonly praticed by young teens all over the world. More commonly in India where Slumdog Millionairs was filmed using two cameras made in Ukraine. Teaming lions with yellow furry virgins. It was an unusual sight for Priya to see her father _(name)_ to be fucking in an orgy where little ants will crawl into your shoes. This was stated on a signboard outside the brothel shaped like a big black _(very rude word for a race)_ cock that dangled like a pendulum. Hypnotising people with a snake that looked like soft bamboo shaped like the ear of a chernobyl child.

3. There was a taxi driver with a head shaped like a spiky hedgehog made of wood. In the world of sports, sportsmanship is highly valued, and Borat is a pervert in disguise. All he does is lick his car with enthusiasm of a dog in heat looking for a heavenly lovehold to suck mini pearls like a Sweet Talk boba drink. At midnight, it turned into a puppy with long fur and a limp in his testicle. It was the same effect as 70 yrs of gravity on his eyes, making them as wonky as a body language of a DS child. She prodded the fish and said “You are very pretty”. It replied in a loud song “I’m a little teapot, short and stout, this is my country. This is my friend. This is my future, this will deeply upset the balance of my left and right neh neh. When he looked around, he saw joy in the little butterfly, aye yai yai I’m a little butterfly, green, black and blue like home, truly. Where I know I must be lonely, for I need the space to take neo-prints and live in igloos. Taking the risk of losing his fingernails in a game of poker. Such incredibly high stakes were reaching the skies above, frightening even the most horniest of humans. Nobody could believe that such sweet things could happen in such a sexy way.

We write poems too.

Everyday I wake up feeling pretty,
like wolverine and Hello kitty.
And everything was a little nifty.

I frolick in the violet meadows of grass,
and thy love will lick thou’s cunt really fast,
such lust!

And it all came together in the nick of time,
her two luscious bouncy mountains I’ll climb,
and this shitty poem does really rhyme!

What beautiful music to sing to,
and it was like, totally out of the blue,
I love to hop around Orchard like a roo.

This day, a great ambition was achieved,
loose like a wizard’s sleeve.
Also wanting to brush his teeth.

She approached them saying “You have gold hearts,
and as a slut you must have lots of fucks,
sure get top marks!”

Authors: Weiming, Adeline, Jules, Priya (:

It was hilarious to say the least.

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May 16, 2009 at 2:32 am

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As long as you love me

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Totally bored this Sunday evening, so I decided to rip all of my old school CDs into my iTunes (: I miss the 90’s, don’t you?


Btw, these are the albums that I have. And isn’t that picture of BSB with their pants at their ankles TOTALLY AWESOME. Lol.

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May 10, 2009 at 10:37 pm

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eye of the lion

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omghowcananythingbesocute?? this little white lion is KILLING ME. Like seriously. Its turning my heart into goo.

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May 2, 2009 at 3:18 am

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hello hello! How has everyone been? I’ve been busy studying, falling ill, and studying some more, how exciting is my life?

Anyway, exams are nearly over (OMG YES!) My last paper is on the 5th. I have some pretty exciting things planned after that (:

– I start work on the 8th of May. Doing an internship! The things I sacrifice for experience.

– I’m redoing my tarot blog. And this time, I WILL update it dutifully!

– Going to take the holga out for a walk with Sam once exams are done (:

– I can’t wait to clean clean clean my room, when exams roll in, I become messy.

– Want to DIY some stuff! I’m very inspired by all the interior design blogs I’ve been reading. They make stuff look soooo pretty.

– SWITCH @ butter next sat. Omg, I’m so itchy for some dancin’.

– ANDOMGBKK! I cannot wait to get away.

While taking a break from all the studying, I made a little fashiony collage (: Fashion inspiration is always good.


Also, today while I was taking the bus, I blew my nose into a tissue (because I’m actually rather sick) and this woman near me TOTALLY FREAKED, her face was priceless and then she shuffled away from me. It was actually really funny, if I wasn’t alone, I totally would have laughed.

I really wanted to throw my tissue at her face. I do not have swine flu bitch. And even if I did, you already have it from standing in the same bus as me -_- genius.

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May 1, 2009 at 1:42 am

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