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hello hello! How has everyone been? I’ve been busy studying, falling ill, and studying some more, how exciting is my life?

Anyway, exams are nearly over (OMG YES!) My last paper is on the 5th. I have some pretty exciting things planned after that (:

– I start work on the 8th of May. Doing an internship! The things I sacrifice for experience.

– I’m redoing my tarot blog. And this time, I WILL update it dutifully!

– Going to take the holga out for a walk with Sam once exams are done (:

– I can’t wait to clean clean clean my room, when exams roll in, I become messy.

– Want to DIY some stuff! I’m very inspired by all the interior design blogs I’ve been reading. They make stuff look soooo pretty.

– SWITCH @ butter next sat. Omg, I’m so itchy for some dancin’.

– ANDOMGBKK! I cannot wait to get away.

While taking a break from all the studying, I made a little fashiony collage (: Fashion inspiration is always good.


Also, today while I was taking the bus, I blew my nose into a tissue (because I’m actually rather sick) and this woman near me TOTALLY FREAKED, her face was priceless and then she shuffled away from me. It was actually really funny, if I wasn’t alone, I totally would have laughed.

I really wanted to throw my tissue at her face. I do not have swine flu bitch. And even if I did, you already have it from standing in the same bus as me -_- genius.


Written by priya.balraju

May 1, 2009 at 1:42 am

Posted in Fashion, Favourites

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