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Remember the beautiful photo of the Macaw I once posted? Well, I found the photographer’s Etsy page and all her stuff is SO AMAZING and omgsofuckingcute. Meet Sharon Montrose. I want EVERYTHING from her gallery.


After looking through all the posts that had stacked themselves up in my RSS reader during my long weekend away, I found these images which I just adore (: They’re from all over the place so you can ask me for any of the links if you’re interested. I just have to mention that the Bulldog is modeling a bow-tie for Opening Ceremony, how cute is that?

Now for more prettiness, my friends and I headed down to BKK for a long weekend of FUN, EXCITEMENT AND SHOPPING. IT WAS AWSOME.



Although I didn’t do as much shopping as my girlfriends (Seriously, look at their lists), I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that I bought (: I could not buy any shoes because my feet are huge and Thais are tiny. Its a good deterrent though because I would have ended up with wayyyy too many pairs. Yes, I am trying to comfort myself. All photos are from Jules.

BTW, my girlfriends and I are organizing this little we’d like to call a Superswap. Do come and enjoy our faboulousness.



Written by priya.balraju

May 28, 2009 at 2:38 pm

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