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I’ve FINALLY got some time to myself this weekend, I’m so tired from playing tourist guide. So I went through my RSS and picked out some things to share with ya’ll!

1. Body chains – I’m really thinking of making one for myself, I’ll go get materials once I get paid then we shall see!




3. I love the song so much.


4. Such a handsome doggie (:


5. Emma Watson for Burberry, she’s looking so pretty now.


6. Doutzen Krous for Bazaar, I still think she’s one of the hottest models out there. She’s so underrated though.


7. helloiloveu.


8. Ed Westwick, i miss u.


9. omg, such a pretty camera!! I know I sound like a bimbo. BUT SRSLY I WANT, ITS SO PREEEEEEETTTTTTTY.olympus-e-p1-digital-pen-2-600x447.jpg10. These male models are so ethereal, there’s something about their chiseled faces that makes them look so pretty. So nice to look at. From Jak&Jil – my favourite photoblog.


i tell myself tomorrow will be better
because there’s nothing else i can do
but hope.

bye lovelies.


Written by priya.balraju

June 21, 2009 at 8:05 pm

Posted in Fashion, Favourites

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