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Under my skin

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These songs still sound so good after all this time. They trigger so many memories and bring the past back to me in flashes like some sort of a movie. I love them so.

In the morning I fled
Left a note and it read
Someday you will be loved.

I cannot pretend that I felt any regret
Cause each broken heart will eventually mend
As the blood runs red down the needle and thread
Someday you will be loved

You could be happy, I hope you are
You made me happier than I’d been by far

Somehow everything I own smells of you
And for the tiniest moment it’s all not true

She took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run,
Far from the carnage of the firey sun

Driven by the strangle of veins
Showing no mercy I’ll do it again

Its nice, staying in on a rainy day and doing nothing. This is my favorite shoot of Courtney Love.

Maybe its because you can hardly tell that its her – she usually looks so trashy with one or both boobs just hanging out. Ok let’s not spoil this moment. Other photos in this shoot can be found here – shot by Hedi Slimane.


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July 27, 2009 at 10:29 pm


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Yesterday when I got home, ALL my batteries needed recharging. Even my own, because I’m down with a horrid horrid flu bug and its so sucky. Body aches, fever, cough, runny nose – the whole thing!! I slept for 14 1/2 hours last night and I don’t feel much better.

I’m on 4 tabs + cough mixture, so yea its pretty serious. FTS. I’m probably going to knock out again in an hour or two.

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July 21, 2009 at 12:07 pm

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Like Lemons

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Rss makes me smile (:

Some nice things for you guys to check out!

1. OMG THIS VIDEO IS AWES. Shot entirely on webcams around the world, its so amazingly well done. Srsly, watch it.

2. Zombie poses are big (: We are such awesome top models.

fragile-nature-8-600x4633. These Alexander Wang Fall/Winter ’09 shoes make me salivate.


4. Male models make other men look so ugly.


All images from the amazing Jak & Jil.

5. I like this person’s drawings, they look a little Tim Burton-ish and from the quotes their taste in music is pretty good too (:

UU8sftjMcpsa5ttq7JECB485o1_500This little girl is occupying my desktop now.

That’s all folks! Back to work now (:

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July 16, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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To be ponies

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Marketing is not an easy job. You think meeting people all day, smiling, shaking hands, being polite, facing rude assholes and overbearing bitches is easy?? If you think it is then you are wrong. Its not so much about going to school and getting some knowledge when it comes to jobs like these. I mean you need the education, stats is very helpful and its a bitch, but I think the real benefits come from working. I’m learning alot here, its mostly what I expected it to be. No, I didn’t expect an easy internship, if I wanted that I would have just done research.

I’ve spent the last 4 working days running around Sg, damn tiring. So tiring that I’m actually happy to be spending a day in the office, staring at the computer. Feels good to be able to rest my aching legs.

Its back to running tomorrow though. Its going to be like this for the next ?? years of my life, so its good that I like it.

I’m looking forward to my last semester of school (:

Love. P

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July 14, 2009 at 10:12 am

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Part time lover

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I’m old. I know that. The moment the clock hit midnight on 6/6/09, I declared (1) the lost of my youth, (2) that I am now really in my twenties (3) that its really ok being old (it has a lot of benefits). However to deny that I sometimes want to be 18 again would be foolish of me, as I do get that feeling once in awhile. But fuck that, we’re not getting any younger.

10 signs of old age a.k.a Omg I’m 22, save me

1. Interest in health


This is probably the NO.1 sign that you’re getting older.

Remember those discussions of whose place you should get drunk at before a party or where you can get cheap shit from?? Well they’re now limited to about once every three months when you bored of being old, most of them are now replaced by discussions on where you guys should meet to exercise, what detox you should be going on because you’ve been drinking too much or what kind of diet will get rid of that horrid office tummy roll.

2. Aches and pains


There was once a time when your body felt no pain, well at least you have no real recollections of pain at certain ages. But now getting your period causes back aches, going in and out of air con so much causes headaches and all that exercise is a little tough on your knees, so they hurt a little sometime as well. Not forgetting the kind of shoulder and back aches you get from sitting in front of the computer 9 hours a day.

Of course you’ll just tell yourself that no pain = no gain, and its just an excuse for a massage in some spa – which is also rather old mind you.

3. Discussions about money – mostly about how to be rich by the time you’re in your late twenties (turning 30 probably deserves a book)

We’re talking about stock markets, shares, economic downturns, starting up your own company, making big big buckaroos. So that we can have a family / travel and one day retire comfortably. Hello fellow ancients.

4. Self Improvement



“What do you do in your free time?”

‘Well, I like to read.’

“What do you read? ”

“Oh lots of stuff, I particularly like books like Freakonomics, Blue Ocean Strategy and that one about how Starbucks made it big. Good stuff.”

‘Mmmmmm… yes, yes all good books, but I personally prefer, blah blah blah.’


5. Hygiene

There’s nothing wrong with showering 3 times a day. I’m allowed to be pissed with people who insist on walking around my room without washing their feet first. Shower before you get on my bed! I don’t like you, you stink, and I’m really not afraid to tell you. Hello oily hair, time for a shower!!

There’s nothing wrong with being clean and smelling nice, its just a concept the young ones don’t get.

6. Courtship


No I don’t want to fuck her, I just want to hold her hand and watch her sleep. All the boys around me are old too.

7. Home improvement

Picture 1

I have a tab dedicated to Home decor and stuff in my Reader. Srsly.

Let me tell you what happens during my weekends nowadays. No matter how late I sleep, I’m usually up by 9.30am because my body REFUSES to sleep any later then that. After waking up so early, there is nothing much to do, so I clean. I dust, vacuum, mop and if I’m feeling very enthusiastic, I clean my windows too. Then I find things around the house that need to be done, mostly this involves making my space a little prettier. How old do I sound right now?

8. Hobbies

There is no joy in not having anything to do after a long week of work, so you need to occupy your weekends fruitfully. Meet a group of like minded individuals, go for a belly dancing class or go for a walk with your family. All things which I do, btw.

9. Boredom


So bored that we decided to imitate the poster in Zouk’s smoking corner.

Clubbing? Yawn. Getting drunk? Yawn. These things are most fun when you are new to them, then they just slowly turn into fungus like a loaf of bread in a moist place. Let’s just meet a nice chill-out kind of bar and have some fajitas and margaritas, so we don’t need to strain our voices over the loud music or act like we’re having fun.

10. Kids


Not your own of course, you’re not that old yet. But everywhere you turn, all you see are kids!! Everyone below the age of 21 is a child to you and aren’t they annoying as hell?? Annoying and kind of ugly because they haven’t learnt how to use their looks to their advantage yet, or maybe they just have none, whichever. I’m too old to look at them closely and¬†analyze¬†such nonsense. I have better things to do, like clean.

Well, all said and done, I really do like the fact that I’m much more mature now. It makes a whole lot of things better (:

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July 4, 2009 at 1:05 pm

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