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There’s alot of things in life that confuses me, relationships with people is probably the worst. Sometimes, all I want to do is disappear, to not hear from anyone about anything. And those are the times when I’m a little glad that my handphone battery is flat. How anti social of me. Too much of anything is not a good thing. That rule applies to most people as well. Isn’t that sad?

I’ve been lacking me time recently, so I’m staying in this long national day weekend to take care of myself. My liver is not in a very good state after this week’s drinking nights (3 nights in a row is bad enough for me these days), I’ve also been doing alot of writing. I know the stuff I write about always sounds very depressing, because I only know how to write about sad stuff. The happy stuff always escapes me.

UU8sftjMcqvwctidanKBrBKOo1_500My cravings for you run deep.
It starts from the pit of my stomach, and
travels down till it reaches my feet.
The ache makes my toes curl
and I can’t lay still.

This need is a dull ache that
I don’t feel for anyone else.
When I see you all I can do
is satiate this need. But the time we
spend together,it’s never enough.

I always leave wanting more.
More of you.
More of your beating heart against my lips.
More of your soul in my eyes.
More of your fingertips on my skin.

Something is there, I know it is.
I just can’t put my finger on it,
All I can put my finger on is you.
You and that charming little way you look at me,
its a look that melts my soul.

So what do I do when all I can take from you
Are the little pieces of skin you rub off on me?
Simple. I write little love notes for you
and leave them under my skin, so you can read them
the next time you see me.

Come closer & take a look.
I can never have you close enough.
As for all your questions about why you can’t have me,
it’s simple really. I don’t need you, but I want you.
You don’t want to want me, but you do.

It’s a different level, and I can’t deal with it (I know I’m a coward.)
But you’ll always know the things that you know.
The things I whisper to you before I sleep,
the smell of our skins, us under the moonlight,
these are thing we tell the walls, and that’s the way it should stay.

There are some things in life I’ve chosen to walk away from.
Your love is one of those things.
My heart is heavy, and my knees feel weak. (But these are not unfamiliar things when I’m with you.)
There are some things you’ll never understand,
My love for you is one of those things. tc, baby. iloveu.


Written by priya.balraju

August 9, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Posted in Love

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