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So, I’ve finally gotten off my ass after 2 months of slacking, and found myself a part-time job to occupy some time while I hunt for a full-time one and I’m actually really happy with it!

I’m working as an ad-hoc facilitator for Action Teams. Work doesn’t even feel like work. Its like going to the gym under the sun, really early in the morning. I know that doesn’t sound like much fun, and I thought that I would hate it, but its been really good for me.

Its fixed my body clock, I know that I’m working out every time I go to work because my body is begging for a massage and I don’t feel sleepy at work cause its so physical. The pay is very decent and I love working at the beach.

And I’ve realized somethings about myself, like the fact that I simply cannot work for a hugeass soulless corporation. I think that I will be really unhappy in an office like that, where everyone sticks to their own work and you only know your department.

The idea of it is so depressing. I have added a new requirement to my list of must haves for my full time job, it has to be in a small to medium sized company where people are warm and have soul. I know I’ve just cut down my preferred company list by like 1/2 but I think that I’ll be so much happier and that makes it a lot more worth it.


Written by priya.balraju

January 14, 2010 at 1:12 pm

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