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My brain is in a mess.

Best I ever had

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He looked straight at me
“You’re oddly fascinating”
He spoke to my heart

My life is in such a strange limbo right now, I have no idea what the fuck to do with myself and its so sickening. Don’t blame me for being incapable of “enjoying” my joblessness, its not enjoyable at all.

My only joys nowadays are in Skins & Secret Diary of a Call Girl which both have new seasons, meeting up with my friends and writing in my tarot blog (which is probably the only positive outcome of my boredom). On the other hand, I’ve thought up of new ways to occupy my time while I look for a job, I’ll keep you guys updated.

While reading through my RSS reader, I realized how much coverage the Acne show received, and well its not surprising, cause it was SO FABULOUS. Here are some of my favorite shots (:

The clothes are delish! Interesting without being too try hard. And the shoesssssss, omgthebluewedgesaremakingmesowet. Ok, back to wallowing in self pity.


Written by priya.balraju

February 10, 2010 at 11:29 pm

Posted in Fashion, Rant

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