hello stranger.

My brain is in a mess.

Happy CNY!

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We are just the same
As we have always been, love
Who’s to say that’s wrong?

Monday night was the annual CNY party at T+G’s home, as invited by Andrew (: As usual, the party was fabulous, the alcohol was flowing all night long and everybody was SMILING.

There were about 1000 chrysanthemums all over the house, so pretty!

I could not get a steady photo of the Chows, so I had to stand behind the glass and take a photo. I love these dogs, they are super cute!

Then we decided to play some mahjong, turning Wei Ming n Jules into CRAZY mahjong bitches!

I had an awesome time, and as usual, there was a treasure hunt, drunk ppl (heehee) and GREAT post-party stories which I cannot publish. Cheers to alcohol!!

I know that there are not many photos, but I was honestly ALOT drunker then I looked that night, and I only realized that because I forgot some parts of the night (oh dear!), and I have a very mysterious cut on my ankle which I do not remember getting. Heh.

On a completely separate note, I’ve started to update The Rainbow Suit rather frequently now, so if Tarot is something that has always interested you, do go have a read. You could also show your support by becoming a fan on Facebook! Thanks in advance (:


Written by priya.balraju

February 19, 2010 at 2:12 am

Posted in Daily Haiku, Personal, Tarot

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