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I totally went all giggly school girl when Edward Norton appeared on Modern Family. Did not expect it, and he’s totally adorable (:

This Hari Raya weekend was mostly spent in bed, both alone and with others.

We had a 6-7 hour movie marathon in a hugeass bed on Fri. Watched Be with me (again), Jesus Christ Superstar, Party Monster & Rocky Horror Picture Show, loved Party Monster. Also came across the documentary today and watched it, good stuff, you can find it on youtube.

Yea that’s what old people do, watch a shitload of movies, talk about bowel movements and frown upon everything. Not getting any younger, are we? I’m pretty sure that my life is just gg to be all bout work till dec, when everyone comes back and it’ll be ONEHUGEASS PARTY (:


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September 12, 2010 at 9:35 pm

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