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I had to make a list like this at work today. I like the fact that we do things like this at work – makes the day slightly more interesting.

  1. I appreciate good alcohol. When I first started drinking it was all bout getting tipsy, but now, just give me a glass of single malt scotch and I’ll be happy. I can even stop at one. And don’t u fking dare put ice or anything carbonated in it.
  2. I have an extremely short attention span. Friends will vouch that I give up almost too easily when it comes to things that require patience (DIY anybody?) So I often plan my life around this. I divide my work day into hr long intervals – cause I often need to do smthg else after an hr – if not I become bored, distracted and completely unproductive.
  3. I love things that tug at my heartstrings – be it music, books or movies. My favorite things often make me cry, and I am completely unashamed about it.
  4. I’m terrified of roaches and fire. I was afraid to use a lighter till I was about 15 – and I was afraid of the feeling the heat from a ciggie the first few times I smoked.
  5. I love mindless comedy – How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Will & Grace, Modern Family – its helps me relax.
  6. My fav dog breeds: Husky, Malamute and Choc Labs // Cat breeds: Ocicat, Norwegian Forest and  Scottish Fold
  7. I hate overplayed music – there are certain songs that you hear EVERYWHERE – while shopping, during adverts, in malls. I always grow to hate them.
  8. I harbor thoughts about pursuing my master’s degree – I would do it in something like globalization or international marketing. I genuinely find these things really interesting.
  9. I love being a budget traveller – give me a cheap flight + a cheap hotel anyday. My only pre requisites are that it has to be CLEAN, and it cannot have insects.
  10. I’m a serious hippie at heart. I would stop eating meat, do yoga and meditate everyday if I had the means.

Written by priya.balraju

April 28, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Posted in Personal

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