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Want vs. Need

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I make lists for the fun of it all the time, so I though of sharing this current one with you.

Want vs. need

Of course I want lots of things, but these are the things I want now – like of the top of my head (if you exclude sleep and other things I don’t want to blog about)


1. Bright colored dresses – the thing about shopping is that when you’re cheap like me, you tend to spend more on basics without even realizing it. Basics last longer, do not follow any trends and are usually cheaper.

Living in Singapore means that it’s hot all year round (or wet), but I still have managed to amass a collection of dresses in neutral colors, save for 2/3 colored ones. I WANT MORE. Bright colored clothes really do lift your spirits.

2. A box clutch – I have a nice black over-sized clutch that I’ve been using since I got it in Bangkok for $12, it’s awesome, holds everything I need and has received many compliments. I want a colored little one that fits in my hand. I’m fickle, I need variety.

3. Books, and some time to read it will be nice – these days, books seem to be such a luxury. I no longer go to the library the way I used to as a child, mostly because the library is really not that convenient and the fact that I have to finish it and return the books in 3 weeks is just not appealing anymore. I love having books, sharing them, re-reading them, highlighting and scribbling on them and keeping them for future references. I tried the whole library thing again recently, I’ve outgrown it.


1. Sunglasses – that do not cost $3 and have a case. The ones that I own right now were bought for $5 and under, have been dumped in my handbag and thus are beautifully scratched, wonky or have smudges on them that cannot be removed. I need a new pair. I’m thinking Charles & Keith outlet store – below $30.

2. Skincare + makeup

I DO NOT believe in scrimping on stuff that goes on my face and hair, they’re wayyy to important. I’ve been pretty loyal to Origins the last year, its been pretty good for my face. BUT I need to start on Anti-aging now, now, now, as I’ve started to notice fine lines and dark circles under my eyes. L’ancome Genifique, you need to become mine.

Also looking to get a new concealer/powder, this one from bare Minerals at Sephora fits the bill perfectly.

3. Luggage – I need a new weekend luggage bag – I’ve been planning holidays and it dawned upon me that I threw away my last luggage. It broke. Time to get a new one.

Other things that have been on my mind:

  1. Phone – My Nokia is 1.5 yrs old and its dying. The iPhone is waiting for me. I need to get one.
  2. Yoga – Exercise + Stretching, plus I need to add more quiet into my life
  3. Travel – Booked for KL, Bintan & Taipei. Considering Vietnam with my family and looking forward to confirming Lombok for December (: (: (:

Written by priya.balraju

May 11, 2011 at 2:27 pm

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  1. Very cool idea for a post. I also NEED some new Bare Essentuals mineral powder 🙂

    Delighted Momma


    May 15, 2011 at 1:04 pm

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