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My card for July is Patience.

Patience is always tricky. Telling someone to be patient is like telling a child not to move, it makes you want to be impatient.

We have forgotten how to wait; it is almost an abandoned space. And it is our greatest treasure to be able to wait for the right moment. The whole existence waits for the right moment. Even trees know it–when it is time to bring the flowers and when it is time to let go of all the leaves and stand naked against the sky. They are still beautiful in that nakedness, waiting for the new foliage with a great trust that the old has gone, and the new will soon be coming, and the new leaves will start growing. We have forgotten to wait, we want everything in a hurry. It is a great loss to humanity…. In silence and waiting something inside you goes on growing–your authentic being. And one day it jumps and becomes a flame, and your whole personality is shattered; you are a new man. And this new man knows what ceremony is, this new man knows life’s eternal juices.
~Osho Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt Chapter 10


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July 2, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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Happy CNY!

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We are just the same
As we have always been, love
Who’s to say that’s wrong?

Monday night was the annual CNY party at T+G’s home, as invited by Andrew (: As usual, the party was fabulous, the alcohol was flowing all night long and everybody was SMILING.

There were about 1000 chrysanthemums all over the house, so pretty!

I could not get a steady photo of the Chows, so I had to stand behind the glass and take a photo. I love these dogs, they are super cute!

Then we decided to play some mahjong, turning Wei Ming n Jules into CRAZY mahjong bitches!

I had an awesome time, and as usual, there was a treasure hunt, drunk ppl (heehee) and GREAT post-party stories which I cannot publish. Cheers to alcohol!!

I know that there are not many photos, but I was honestly ALOT drunker then I looked that night, and I only realized that because I forgot some parts of the night (oh dear!), and I have a very mysterious cut on my ankle which I do not remember getting. Heh.

On a completely separate note, I’ve started to update The Rainbow Suit rather frequently now, so if Tarot is something that has always interested you, do go have a read. You could also show your support by becoming a fan on Facebook! Thanks in advance (:

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February 19, 2010 at 2:12 am

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You’re amazing

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Its been a week. And I’ve hardly missed you. Its probably because for so long, there have been others for me to love. I don’t need you. It feels good saying that. I think that sudden pang of loneliness was because you wanted to leave again + bad timing + all the heavy emotions that we were talking about, so yea, I’m alright. I’m better then alright actually, I’m good. 

I started work as a Tarot card reader for the Two Queens party at Play.

Last week went really well, and if the next week goes as planned I should be doing this on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Tarot is something really really important to me, its very close to my soul. Its about getting that feeling when I do a reading that I completely understand the cards and how it relates to the other person. Its hard to explain, but its there. 

One of the guys I did a reading for asked me if I knew what the scientific explanation was for being able to tap into someone’s thoughts with a deck of cards. And I told him that I really didn’t know and that I didn’t want to know either. I hate how we need to make everything scientific. We need some mystery, some faith, some passion, if not everything just gets boring. What’s so great about the explained anyway? Figuring out the science of something does not mean that you make sense of it. 

The Faint – Forever growing centipedes

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August 16, 2008 at 1:14 pm

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