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Remember the beautiful photo of the Macaw I once posted? Well, I found the photographer’s Etsy page and all her stuff is SO AMAZING and omgsofuckingcute. Meet Sharon Montrose. I want EVERYTHING from her gallery.


After looking through all the posts that had stacked themselves up in my RSS reader during my long weekend away, I found these images which I just adore (: They’re from all over the place so you can ask me for any of the links if you’re interested. I just have to mention that the Bulldog is modeling a bow-tie for Opening Ceremony, how cute is that?

Now for more prettiness, my friends and I headed down to BKK for a long weekend of FUN, EXCITEMENT AND SHOPPING. IT WAS AWSOME.



Although I didn’t do as much shopping as my girlfriends (Seriously, look at their lists), I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE everything that I bought (: I could not buy any shoes because my feet are huge and Thais are tiny. Its a good deterrent though because I would have ended up with wayyyy too many pairs. Yes, I am trying to comfort myself. All photos are from Jules.

BTW, my girlfriends and I are organizing this little we’d like to call a Superswap. Do come and enjoy our faboulousness.



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May 28, 2009 at 2:38 pm

Do anything for you

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1. Flashbacks of a Fool



This is a beautiful little movie. I adore it. Gorgeous scenery, cute boys, pretty girls and one hellova schmexy DANIEL CRAIG (: Watch it, its works.

2. Heads in freezers


The instructions are from here. His blog is full of ideas like these, some of them are so cute. The images were found on flickr.

3. Lion cubs


Seriously. Their cuteness kills me, cats are gorgeous. Images from ZooBorns.

4. Southpark


For being so awesome. Original image from Jak & Jil.

5. Energy foods! I know that people around me seem to be getting healthy these days, so here’s some tips about food that will keep you going. Its pretty basic stuff.

6. Pretty pretty home stuff


I feel like I could make one of these myself. Maybe I’ll try during my holidays.

7. Boots


I really want a pair of black boots.

8. Dreamy Dreamy




Very pretty.

9. Farm town!!


I love being a farmer.

10. Study group at Bukit Merah

Bukit Merah Macs is like study land. I’ve been going there nearly everyday this week to study for my papers and its ALWAYS full of students. With its harsh white lights  and very cold toilets, its surprisingly conducive. That said, I can’t wait till its all over.

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April 17, 2009 at 12:51 pm

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Every time we touch

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TiLt (: Things I Love Thursday

I’m going to be doing this every week from now on. Trying to inject some scheduling into my life.


– I’m loving this all boy photoshoot! Its just full of colour, and looks like alot of fun.

Dita, dita, dita. Just can’t get enough.

– Finding passion & purpose in life. I’ve been using some very Zen influenced tips to organize my thoughts & my life in general. Blame the tarot, the deck I use is Zen inspired. But I’ve really learned a lot from these things. So yea, read some articles, you never know what you’ll get out of it.


– I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic because I like the occasional chic flick. And I think that Krysten Ritter (the girl on the left) totally stole the show. She’s very pretty and I love her hair. One of the fashblogs I read did a post on her like a year ago when I didn’t know who she was, but yea, she’s really nice to look at.


Chun Eun Sil and her delightful illustrations. I could stare at her work all day.


– I think its genius how they matched interiors to macaroons. Making me want to redecorate and eat at the same time.


– Lastly, Thanks Ade! I love it. I think the whole series is super pretty (:


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April 3, 2009 at 1:04 am

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